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Post Production

Two friends get into a conversation about a game of chess. David, someone who sees the world as a better place, and his friend, who always expects a kick from life, get into a debate to prove who knows it better, who lives by better rules. They delve into topics of love, pain, fears, unfairness, and life choices.

Troika Film Collective and Faten Bushehri Productions in collaboration with NPO 3LAB and VPRO present


Written and Directed by Mia Tseboeva

Produced by Faten Bushehri, Janna Schwab 

Creative Producer / Production Manager: Faten Bushehri

Line Producer: Ruth Juursema 

Cast: Christopher van Duijn, Milan van Aaegten

Director of Photography: Tom Mccagherty

Production Designer: Ammar Bader

Production Designer Assistant: Sara Rocha

Editor: Gabriel Freitas

Costume Designer: Ammar Bader, Sara Rocha

Hair and Make up: Sandy Schrader


First Assistant Director: Faten Bushehri

A Camera 1st AC / Focus Puller: Julius Kuyper

A Camera 2nd AC / Clapper Loader: Eileen Van Arkel

B-Camera Operator: Richard van Rijn


Gaffer: Wiktor Bukowski

Spark/Best Boy 1: Ruben Klumpers

Spark/Best Boy 2: Dio Douwes


Sound Recordist: Robert Glotzbach 

Sound Designer:Damian Fernando Pulle


Colorist: Gabriel Freitas

Music Composer: Ivan Yarchevsky


Production assistant / Runner: Arthur Vestdijk

Location Manager: Arsen Babaian

Set photographer / BTS : Davis Helmuts


Dramatist: Marieke Mols

Coordinator 3LAB: Sara Moeniralam

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